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The Next Generation of Sports Leaders Supported by Manchester Metropolitan

April 6, 2020 2:24 pm


The Next Generation of Sports Leaders Supported by Manchester Metropolitan

Manchester Metropolitan University is putting sports directorship on the map, with a pioneering course that aims to create future sporting leaders.

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Course Details

The Masters in Sporting Directorship course is a two-year, part-time accredited study programme offered by Manchester Metropolitan University, in conjunction with Visionary Sports Investment. The course is targeted towards the UAE market.

According to Sport360 the course teaches a unique curriculum, designed to give students the skills required to meet the demands of leading sporting organisations.

The course includes aspects such as leadership, sport governance and best practice, personal development and masterminding innovation. It also covers the process of sporting success, in particular, with a focus on neuroscience and understanding human social behaviour. Appreciating how the brain affects performance is crucial for any managerial role.

Rationale of the Course

This innovative course has been developed due to increasing focus on the role sports management plays in decision making, revenues and even influencing commercial, social and political issues.

High-level guidance through sport training, whether through field hockey drills, football, athletics, cricket and rugby union, is increasingly focusing on the role of management or sporting director. Whether you undertake coaching or training through courses like the one offered by Manchester Metropolitan University, focus is increasingly not just on skills development, but making decisions to enhance performance.

Who the Course Appeals To

The Masters in Sporting Directorship course is aimed at the UAE market, in an attempt to strengthen collaboration with future sports professionals globally. The UAE and Manchester have already forged close ties in sporting circles, with His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan of the UAE taking over Manchester City back in 2008. Already, his takeover has brought much-needed regeneration to this part of the city.

One of the main aims of the new course offered by Manchester Metropolitan University is to give something back to the UAE in appreciation for this investment. By capitalising on the expertise offered by the university, sports people in the UAE can gain the skills and practical experience required to become leaders.

With remote study and on-campus learning, individuals from organisations such as E-Sports and Hamilton Aquatics in Dubai are already taking part in this pioneering programme. Self-starters and those with ambition are likely to benefit greatly from this course.

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