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How to wash your hair like the professionals

April 6, 2020 2:38 pm


how to wash your hair like the professionals

Everyone has their own theory of how to wash hair.

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We grew up being told to wash our hair every day, only later to learn that we should only wash it a few times a week. The correct technique can change your hair’s health and add bounce and shine like never before. Making the same mistakes over and over again can be detrimental to your hair’s health – you might be damaging your hair without noticing it.


Your locks should be thoroughly rinsed before adding any shampoo. Try washing your hair three times weekly, unless it is very oily. Warm water opens the hair cuticles, which helps remove dirt trapped within the hair. Consider filtering your shower water with a specialist showerhead, as water quality can vastly affect our hair and skin.

Condition first

If you have long locks, run a small quantity of conditioner through, and lightly rinse, before shampooing. This protects the fragile ends of the hair from further damage and drying out, and also adds shine.


When shampooing your hair, lather at the scalp and nape only, using a shampoo such as a shampoo with mango butter. This hair is younger, and also the oiliest, and use shampoo sparingly. About a 10 pence coin sized amount should do – if you have thicker hair you can double it. Pick a shampoo that suits your hair type, such as moisturising shampoo for dry hair or colour-safe shampoo for coloured hair.

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 hair washing tipsBe gentle

If you are too hard on your hair you can damage the cuticle, which leads to breakages. Avoid friction and wash your hair delicately. Start lathering at the roots with vertical strokes instead of circular motions which tangles the hair. Smooth towards the ends, avoiding scrubbing the fragile ends.

Don’t repeat

Contrary to shampoo bottle instructions, do not shampoo your hair twice. One shampoo is sufficient to wash the hair.


After rinsing the shampoo out, squeeze some water out of your hair, and smooth conditioner onto the mid lengths to ends. Avoid the roots as the natural oils here is enough. Leave the conditioner in while you finish showering

Cold water rinse

Finish with cold water that seals the cuticle, protecting the hair and reflecting light, which adds shine.

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