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Culture, Comedy and Good Times in Kampala

September 25, 2019 12:10 pm



Kampala has shown many faces to the outside world, but today it is overwhelmingly one of good times and a future-facing outlook. With a strong cultural calendar, a vibrant arts scene and plenty of dancing and good times, Kampala is a terrific place to stop for a party before heading off on a safari or trek.

Kampala is the capital city of Uganda with a population of 2.5 million people. Once famous for being the home of Idi Amin, this unique capital has completely turned its repressive past around and now enjoys the good things in life.

Visual Arts and Performance

The arts scene in Kampala is booming, especially when it comes to contemporary and visual art. Galleries such as Under Ground help celebrate the area’s homegrown talent. The Uganda National Theatre features a full calendar of dance, drama, music and film events. Those who want to enjoy the scene without spending money can pop by the outdoor open stage area, where jam sessions are free to enjoy. The Ndere Centre is the home of traditional music and dance.


Comedy is also a booming scene in Kampala and can be enjoyed on the open stage at the National Theatre or in many other venues in the city. The female comedian Anne Kansiime is trailblazing a path for others to follow in an area of performance that has been largely underrepresented by women in East Africa until now.

Dancing and Drinking

Kampala is quickly becoming known as another world city that never sleeps, with plenty to do until dawn breaks. Popular nightclubs include Club Silk, Club Guvnor and Club Venom, all of which play a unique blend of east African, Nigerian and Western Pop Music. If you’re just after a drink or two, you can choose from Irish pubs such as Yasigi, hit one of the country’s first microbreweries, or head to a number of trendy bars including Iguana and Plot54.

Whether you are planning on a Uganda gorilla trekking trip or heading off for some adrenalin sports, Kampala should certainly feature at the beginning or end of any trip.

This ever-changing city is today a place of happiness, cheer and culture with plenty to celebrate.

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