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How can I tell if I need to demolish a property?

July 21, 2020 12:31 pm


How can you tell if a property is worth renovating or if the best thing would be to tear it down? Here are some things to consider:

  1. The neighbourhood and property values

Demolition should only take place if it makes sense financially. In an area that is up and coming, demolition might be a good idea and the site can be used to replace with a property that better suits the area and will add more value. Although, in an area where the property fits perfectly, renovation is a preferred option and demolition should only be used if the building is completely falling apart.

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  1. Examine the foundations

If the property is older, chances are the foundations are not up to modern standards. A property with poor foundations is not worth renovating. If the foundations are dodgy, chances are that when renovating the rest of the property, all of it will need bringing up to meet modern regulations. For more information on Demolition Bristol, visit a site like David Horton, suppliers of Demolition Bristol services.

  1. Prior renovations

Older homes can have a long history of previous renovations that might not have been done as well as the original features. If a structure has a lot of DIY work that isn’t the best, it might be wise to tear down and start again or a partial demolition.

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  1. Hazards

Some older properties are simply not renovation material. For example, there may be low ceilings or split levels that require complete replacement or extension of wiring, plumbing and heating and possibly putting in new stairs.

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