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Six things a conveyancer will do

October 13, 2021 11:28 am


A conveyancer is a vital part of the property buying or selling process, as they will manage all the important tasks that must be dealt with to ensure all aspects of the transaction are addressed and the end result is compliant with the law.

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Open the file

Once you have chosen a conveyancer, the first thing they will do is open a file for the work. They will verify your identity before they begin.

Local searches

Your conveyancer will do a number of important tasks on your behalf. One of these will be to carry out local searches to check whether there are any local issues you need to know about, such as major planned developments or a compulsory purchase order that might affect the property.

Deal with the other party’s conveyancer

Your conveyancer will receive all the necessary paperwork from the conveyancer acting for the other party in the transaction. They will obtain a copy of the deeds to the property electronically or – if the property has not been on the market for some time – obtain the original hard copy.

Deal with the paperwork

The conveyancer will go through all the paperwork carefully to ensure any issues are flagged and brought to your attention. An example of what can go wrong when the details are not fully checked was recently reported in the Guardian.

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Your conveyancer will send all relevant paperwork to you for you to examine and sign when you are satisfied. Some documents can be emailed, while others will be posted.

Receive and pay the deposit

The conveyancer will handle the deposit required for the purchase of the property, which you will need to pay via a bank transfer.

Deal with exchange and completion

The conveyancer will make sure that all parties and documents are in place for the exchange of contracts and for the final step of completion. If a chain is involved, your conveyancer will have a significant role to play in making sure all parties are coordinated in the exchange of contracts.

When looking for a conveyancer, it is always a good idea to obtain some conveyancing quotes. Selecting a conveyancer may seem daunting, but the important thing is to make a start. If you are not sure where to start, why not click here for a conveyancing quote to get the ball rolling?

Buying a property can be stressful, but having a reliable and competent conveyancer to take care of the details makes the entire endeavour so much easier. Choose your conveyancer wisely to ensure your transaction has the best chance of going smoothly.

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