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Jewellery wearing tips for men

April 26, 2021 6:29 pm


For many men, the wearing of jewellery is a difficult topic and a bit of a minefield. You might love it or hate it. Want to wear it but don’t want to look too effeminate? Here are some tips to expressing yourself with jewellery and carrying it off perfectly:

  1. Start with something simple

If accessorising is new to you, then a good rule of thumb is start simple and take it from there. You could start by wearing an attractive watch if you don’t normally wear one. Something stylish and classy that oozes sophistication. Next, you could perhaps move to cufflinks or a tie pin if you wear a suit to work, for example. Once you feel comfortable with these additions, then you can begin to think about jewellery. For something new to match with your jewellery, consider Tommy Bowe Menswear from Louis Boyd

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  1. Try not to mix metals

Most men’s jewellery is gold, silver, steel or platinum so try to wear only one at a time. Gold is a warmer colour with a softer hue and works well with browns, greens and beige colours. Silver and steel are cooler colours that work great with black and white or grey. Wedding rings don’t count when you’re trying to avoid mixing metals as these are an exception to the other jewellery guides.

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  1. Consider other materials

Men’s jewellery is becoming more eclectic with new materials being introduced. Turquoise can be worn in moderation, such as on a belt or ring for a Western look. Precious stones are best avoided as they are generally considered too effeminate. Bone and rock are becoming popular for more ethnic styles of jewellery.

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