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The Work of the International Gorilla Conservation Programme

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In a modern world of choice, convenience and worldwide travel, there are probably very few genuine “once in a lifetime” experiences left. But roaming rolling hills and unspoilt forests with an endangered species must surely be one of them. The International Gorilla Conservation Programme works tirelessly to protect gorilla populations, but it needs our help.

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These majestic, powerful creatures are still vulnerable at the hands of humans. Issues like hunting, poaching, pollution and the urbanisation of essential habitats still threaten their survival on a daily basis. Fortunately, the dedicated efforts of the team have meant that the programme has been able to begin to deal with these issues on several fronts: revenue, education and the local community.

A Fight for Survival

Gorilla populations all over the world have been dwindling and were even considered to be facing extinction. The destruction of their natural habitat means the gorillas simply have nowhere to go and cannot thrive. Zoos and conservation projects all over the world have been working hard to breed them in captivity in the hope of releasing them into the wild. The WWF also agrees that gorillas are precious and lists mountain gorillas as “critically endangered”. But it is not merely a case of increasing gorilla numbers. There has to be a corresponding effort to protect their wild habitat. There is no substitute for seeing the animals in their natural environment.

How You Can Help

By considering gorilla trekking as your next unforgettable holiday experience, you would be taking a trip with a conscience. You would give much-needed funds to an initiative that strives to be ethical against huge odds. The International Gorilla Conservation Programme educates communities on how to take care of their local environment and the species within it and encourages opportunities to develop the local economy with tours and local trade.

The Trek

A knowledgeable and passionate guide will be at the forefront of your trip, keeping you safe and the gorillas comfortable and undisturbed. Africa offers some of the most breath-taking natural beauty in the world. There is no better way to experience this magical environment than up close and personal with one of its native species.

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