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 Do you know what vacuum conveying is?

June 1, 2020 3:27 pm


There are many processes in industry that we are unaware of. We simply go to the store or online and pick up our products without any understanding of how they are made or how the individual elements for the products are processed and brought together in the manufacturing plant. One of these processes is that of using a Vacuum Conveyor

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These conveyors use a vacuum system to move products from one area of a warehouse or industrial unit to another and does so in a closed environment so that smaller particles such as food stuffs, medicines and fine sand and gravel acn be moved quickly and easily and in a way that removes the worry of other items entering the product and contaminating it. It also helps to prevent dust clouds from being produced in the working environment that could have an impact on employees health.

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Materials that are light in weight can be moved with relative ease and a low vacuum pressure, whereas those that are heavier require a slightly higher vacuum pressure, but can be moved equally as easily. These systems can be placed on multi levels as well as covering vast distances in order to get the product from its entry point to its desired exit.

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