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How conditioning formatting can improve your spreadsheet

May 11, 2020 9:20 pm


Many people favour using an excel spreadsheet to collate together all their statistical data. It is a great piece of software and there are many features that can further enhance the way in which you can present, analyse and report on the information. You can even use a PDF to Excel converter to help convert a PDF document that you have into an excel spreadsheet that you can then manipulate in whatever way you need to add with your analysis and reporting.

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Here we will look at how conditional formatting can help to improve the look and usability of your spreadsheet.

Conditional formatting is relatively simple to use and allows you to highlight cells in particular colours depending on the information that is placed in the cell. This can be a number of its own or a range of numbers. This is used well for people looking to highlight when data falls below a certain level or above a level.

The step by step process takes you through the choices you have for the formatting, the way in which you can highlight each cell and the parameters of your data that will trigger the cell to change colour.

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